Essential Chords and Progressions For Acoustic Guitar

Artie Traum
Skill Level 1

48-Page Book + CD
  • Code:CD---AT01

Expand your chord knowledge and make your playing come alive! Whether you play folk, swing, jazz, blues or rock, this easy-to-follow CD/book will take you to the next level as a rhythm player.

Don't get stuck in ordinary C, D, E and G chords.This is your opportunity to open up to new harmonic ideas and develop your musicality. You'll learn essential chord positions and how to put them into progressions and turnarounds to enhance any song, plus important tips on string damping, moving chords up the neck, changing keys and using both fingerpicking and plectrum technique to get unique effects and textures.

Other things you'll learn in this invaluable package include positions for 6ths, major and minor 7ths, 9ths and other chords; movable 3-note shapes for powerful rhythm comping; the secret of moving bass notes and how they impact chord progressions; unique blues and jazz turnarounds.

Student Review:

"I just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased "Essential Riffs forAcoustic Guitar" and "Essential Chords and Progressions for Acoustic Guitar" from my local music store and they are GREAT value!

"I have been playing mandolin for a few years and decided to get seriousabout guitar playing when my 13 year old daughter wanted to learn how to play... so I've had lots of experience with good and bad teaching materials, but these two book/CD's are so well put together that I've been able to really take off on learningat a fast pace, and my daughter has picked up lots of good stuff too." - Mark Ennamorato


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