Essential DADGAD for Beginners - Video 1

Artie Traum
One 55 Minute video, includes Music and Tab on pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

"I have been doing dozens of guitar workshops over the past year and by far the most requested subject has been my use of DADGAD tuning. I thought a video on this subject would satisfy the needs of players at all levels." -- Artie Traum

Here is an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want to explore its unique sounds on the guitar. It brings beautiful progressions, unique chords, ringing open strings and rich tones to your playing.

In his "guided tour," guitarist Artie Traum shows you how to retune your guitar quickly and easily, form the important chords in the key of D (some using only one finger), improvise instrumentals, write songs, and get funky with country blues ideas. Using the folk classic The Water Is Wide as an example, Artie reveals how a song can be harmonized using basic chord positions in this tuning.

DADGAD will transform the way you play your guitar. It will help you improvise beautiful fingerstyle pieces with its unique tonality, and inspire you to go on to more advanced studies in alternate tunings.

What's DADGAD? A simple tool that many players utilize to bring new texture and color to the guitar's sound. It's widely used by songwriters, blues guitarists and contemporary fingerstyle players. Three of the strings are retuned to get into DADGAD: The two E strings (6th and 1st) are dropped a whole tone to D, and the B (2nd string) is dropped to A. The remaining strings, A (5th), D (4th) and G (3rd) are not retuned. Thus:

E becomes D; A remains A; D remains D; G remains G; B becomes A; E becomes D

Because there is no 3rd note of the scale, the resulting sound is neither major nor minor, giving it a ringing, open sound that fits a variety of styles, tonalities and genres.


Andrew McElhatton 1 year, 4 months ago

Nicely laid out introduction to DADGAD tuning. This video is suited well for beginners. More advanced players will also benefit from the various material covered within. Artie ends with his original song "The Long Journey." A tune worth a listen!

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