Essential DADGAD for Beginners - DVD 3

Artie Traum

New Ideas for Creative Playing

60 minute DVD, includes music and tab
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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Award-winning guitarist Artie Traum tunes his guitar to DADGAD almost exclusively these days, and on this DVD he shows you how this tuning enhances his powerful original songs and instrumentals. He covers fingerstyle jazz and blues techniques, chord formations, Celtic sounds, and invaluable tips for composing on the guitar.

This lesson is perfect for the early-intermediate player who has already explored the basics of DADGAD and wants to move to the next level. Artie's guitar compositions, Blue Hotel and Fourteen Turtles, are chock full of great techniques and compelling sounds. He teaches how he uses chord positions and progressions up and down the neck, and shows you how to play melodies against powerful bass lines.

The bluesy, funky Yankee Swamp illustrates how DADGAD creates great ways to get into "deeper" jazz positions, progressions and variations, the perfect tune to expand your knowledge of the fingerboard in this tuning.

This and the other lessons in this series will build your repertoire of songs and techniques and will open up vast new ideas for creative expression on the guitar.


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