Essential DADGAD for Beginners - Three-DVD Set

Artie Traum

Three DVD set

Three DVDs, includes music and tab
  • Code:DLARTDG29
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

These three DVDs make an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want explore its unique sounds on the guitar. It brings beautiful progressions, unique chords, ringing open strings and rich tones to your playing.

Student Review:

"Just a quick note to say thanks to Homespun Tapes and to ArtieTraum for the most excellent DADGAD series. Of all the guitar instruction material I have seen, this is by far the best out comparison.What makes it so successful is Artie's ability to pass on his knowledge without a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. It is incredible how quickly he gets the viewer playing songs. Plus I'm well on my way to improvisation in this tuning and I owe it all to Artie and this series. I can't thank Homespun enough. A good instructor makes all the difference in the world, and Artie certainly proves it. Two thumbs up from here!" -- Wallace Teto
"Just a heads up for anyone suffering from the guitar doldrums which sometimes can become a problem. Check out Artie Traum's DVD series on DADGAD tuning. The content is easy to grasp and Artie is/was a wonderful instructor. This material will wake you up and take you to a sound you might not have known could come from your hands..Check it out! It's wonderful!" - Marty G (via website)


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