Exploring the Beauty of the Appalachian Dulcimer

Carol Walker

Chords, Harmonies and Fingerstyle Arrangements to Expand Your Boundaries

67 Minute Video - Includes Music and Tab pdf file
  • Code:DLCLWAD21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

You've been playing the mountain dulcimer but you need a fresh, new approach that will bring your playing to a new level. Carol Walker has the perfect solution with her fingerstyle technique, “delicious” chord voicings and beautiful song arrangements. 

After covering the “nitty gritty stuff” - tuning (DAD), holding the instrument, fretting exercises - Carol starts you off with the old fiddle standard, Bile Them Cabbage Down. It’s almost unrecognizable, though, as she slows it way down and employs right hand fingerpicking and smooth fretting technique to give it a sweet, lyrical sound. 

Learn how to add “power chords,” vibrato, slides, picking patterns, chord substitutions, the use of the capo, practice exercises and other invaluable techniques to your dulcimer repertoire. You’ll learn gorgeous arrangements of Long, Long Ago; Wayfaring Stranger; The Milking Song and The Goodnight Song (from Isle of Man); and the beautiful American hymn Simple Gifts

Novices and accomplished dulcimer players alike will delight in Carol Walker’s unique approach to the traditional 3-string mountain dulcimer.

Customer Comments:

"I thoroughly enjoy your style of playing and teaching instruction. Being a teacher myself, of 34 years, I viewed excellent strategies in your teaching skills for someone to understand and master.  The production was well done, zooming in and out at the adequate time.  Also the split screen was a major factor to see what both hands were doing close up. " - Joanne in Washington

"This was a great video and I highly recommend to all. I hope she makes more videos.  The camera angles really allowed you to see what Carol was teaching. She definitely has a gift for teaching." - Marilyn R.


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