Fishin' Blues and Carroll County Blues Single Download

Mike Seeger

Old Time Guitar Fingerpicking

  • Code:DLSEEFB21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

There was no one more knowledgeable about old-time American music than Mike Seeger. He played it all his life and spread it around the world. In his complete DVD, Seeger put together an amazing survey of traditional guitar styles from the rural South including “Fishing Blues” in a Mississippi John Hurt style and “Carroll County Blues” in a fiddle tune/rag style. Both are featured in this download. Seeger plays each song and then breaks it down in detail. Both pieces will get great results and will provide insights into southern roots music for players at all skill levels.

This is a sampling of Mike Seeger's comprehensive 2-DVD set, Early Southern Guitar Styles, which has a treasure trove of great traditional songs and techniques. Click on the image on the right of the screen for full details.


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