Five Unique Pieces for Blues/Roots Guitar

Mary Flower

Build Your Technique Step-by-Step

One-Hour Video Lesson with Tab Booklet on PDF File
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Mary Flower has a masterful command of the blues. She combines technical know-how with an undeniably soulful groove. Here, Mary teaches five original, distinct pieces that cover four different tunings: standard, dropped D, open G, and D minor.

West Delta Blues employs a “dead thumb” right hand picking technique and a cool sliding lick on the treble strings that draw on the sparse sound of the Mississippi Delta. 

In Davis Street Rag, Mary works out of the key of G in standard tuning, playing syncopated treble lines over an alternating bass pattern. 

Blues in A, in dropped D tuning, starts on the four chord to use the resonant, lowered D note for a uniquely rich bass sound. Slides, hammer-ons, and a great lick over the A chord will work well in other blues songs in that key. 

Minnie’s Groove puts you in open G tuning with an alternating bass line, slides, a nice turnaround, and funky chord voicings. 

Open D Minor Blues ends the lesson with the eerie-sounding tuning and licks typical of the great Skip James.

This excellent lesson will inspire you to explore different tunings, licks and songs in your quest to become a better acoustic blues player.


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