Great Guitar Lessons - Fingerstyle Techniques

Muriel Anderson, Frederic Hand, Laurence Juber, Alex de Grassi, Chris Proctor, David Wilcox, Martin Simpson, Preston Reed

Fingerstyle Techniques

75-minute video, Includes music + tab on pdf file
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Some of the most creative and compelling contemporary music in recent years has been made by acoustic fingerstyle guitarists. The term "fingerstyle" denotes the use of thumb and two or three fingers of the picking hand to achieve moving bass lines, sharply delineated melodies and complex harmonies. Some artists use classical guitar techniques to create their music, others blend classical elements with traditional folk styles. Some fingerstylists apply their skills to enhancing song accompaniments, while others push the boundaries of the guitar with new and inventive sounds. This overview of fingerstyle repertoire and technique will immerse you in the work of eight guitarists who are redefining contemporary guitar music. They will give you much to work on.

Chris Proctor - "Aura Lee" Martin Simpson - "Banks of the Bann" David Wilcox - "Spin" Preston Reed - "Tribes" Muriel Anderson - "Angeline the Baker"  Frederic Hand - "Celtic Tale"  Alex de Grassi - "Lost in the Woods"  Laurence Juber - "Martha, My Dear" 


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