Happy Traum Teaches Seven Classic Bob Dylan Songs

Happy Traum

Easy Fingerpicking Arrangements

Two videos, plus music and tab on pdf file, Total Time: two hours, 45 minutes
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Songs: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right; Blowin' in the Wind; I'll Be Your Baby Tonight; I Pity the Poor Immigrant; Buckets of Rain; Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You; Farewell.

Happy Traum's long association with Bob Dylan makes him the perfect instructor to teach these seven Dylan favorites. In nearly three hours of in-depth guitar instruction, he helps you build guitar skills while passing along his unique historical insights and first-hand perspective on the music.

Happy shows novice guitarists the basic chords for each of these classic songs, then brings his arrangements to life with movable chord shapes, bass runs, harmony lines and other nuances that will add distinction to everything you play. Each song features a different fingerpicking approach: Traditional three-finger patterns, Travis-style swing, steady-bass blues, Carter Family strumming, and more.

Add new guitar techniques to your repertoire, increase your musical proficiency and, most importantly, enjoy the fun and excitement of learning to play these timeless songs.

Bonus: Four audio tracks, including rare first-ever recordings of Blowin' in the Wind and Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.

Happy Traum's perspective on Bob Dylan's music dates back to their first meeting in Greenwich Village in 1962. Happy's group, the New World Singers, was the first to perform and record some of Dylan's earliest songs, and his duet with Bob on Let Me Die in My Footsteps appeared on "Broadsides" (Folkways) in 1963. A friend and neighbor in Woodstock, NY, Bob invited Happy to join him in the studio in 1971 to play on three songs for his "Greatest Hits, Vol.2" release: Down in the Flood, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere and I Shall Be Released.


Wayne Edkin 1 year ago

I have the DVD and all the video is on the disks. However, the BOOKLET page comes up empty.

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susan Robinson 1 year ago

Please send your email address to susan@homespun.com and I'll get the book to you.

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