How To Improvise Great Blues Solos With Just a Few Notes

Toby Walker

Homespun Single Song Lesson

15 minutes • No TAB
  • Code:DLWKRBL21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

“You don’t have to play a bazillion notes to sound really good. B. B. King could tear the house down with two or three notes.” - Toby Walker

Every guitarist wants to be able to improvise an ear-catching solo in a blues jam and really say something. This lesson is as good a place to start as you’ll find anywhere.

Toby Walker shows you how to find your root note and the three or four others you’ll need to get started. By adding some vibrato and bends (the "sauce") you can make a whole lot of great music. You’ll learn how to place those notes within the chords that are going by behind you so it all works smoothly with the 12-bar blues chord changes.

“Less is more,” as Toby emphasizes, but you can really say something with those few notes and phrases. He shows you how to find root notes in various positions up the neck so you can really jam on a lead solo. With Toby’s clear and engaging teaching style and impeccable technique, you’ll be playing along in no time.


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