I Walk the Road Again - CD


Happy Traum, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

This CD garnered rave reviews when it was released in 2006. Happy is featured along with fellow musicians John Sebastian, Larry Campbell, Cindy Cashdollar, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Mike Dowling and many others.
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"The songs on this collection are old favorites of mine that I've been playing and singing for the better part of my life. Each of these songs carries the stamp of a great folk song, telling a story or conveying and emotion that remains fresh for me even after all these years." - Happy Traum 


"Legendary folkie Happy Traum, one half of the admired Happy & Artie Traum duo, is back with his first album in more than a decade.... All this underscores Traum's superb taste, excellent ear for arrangements, and smart moves in choosing backup players. This is a tasty release for folk-music die-hards and, really, anyone who enjoys folk music. Thanks to Happy Traum, we can all walk the road again." - Dirty Linen

"Laid-back and bluesy, like an autumn hike down a Bearsville back road, Happy's distinctive fingerpicking and warm, welcoming "c'mon in" vocals give a vibrant new step to the standard stepping stones through folk. You'll play every track again and again...." - Chronogram

"A sweet gem of a CD.... Albums of this quality are all too rare." - Sing Out! Magazine (See the full review here)

"One of the great under the radar gems of folk music comes back doing it the DIY way he's pretty much been doing it all along. With a great bunch of guests on board playing like they are glad to be there, this is a heartfelt set that goes back to his roots that stretch back a long, long time. Although the set is mostly good, old songs, there's nothing here longing for the past. This set is as fresh as the ground breaking sets he did with his brother for Capitol 35 years ago that were just a touch too ahead of the curve for the clueless label to know what to do with in the wake of the Beatles' recent break up. No matter, the here and now is a sweet thing indeed. A real winning creation." - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap Review

"'I Walk the Road Again' is a breathtaking collection of bittersweet country-folk and blues tunes. ...the effort boasts brilliant arrangements of a host of old favorites from Happy's voluminous repertoire. A low-key masterpiece, this album demonstrates that it's not the pace that matters so much as the road itself. It's a road we're glad to see Happy Traum walking so well again." - Peter Aaron, Kingston Daily Freeman

"A solidly entertaining and tasty new folk recording. Traum is still infinitely listenable, musically creative and about as good an acoustic folk guitarist as there is.... Simply put, "I Walk the Road Again" is a winner, an excellent addition to any collection and a must-have for any folkie." - Noah Fleisher, Pulse

"This feel-good, laid-back disc goes down like a cool one after a couple of hours of autumn leaf-raking. Traum's gentle and timeworn voice provides a perfect complement to his economical fingerstyle guitar.” - Fred Knaus, minor7th.com


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