Jazz Piano

Warren Bernhardt

From Basic Theory to Advanced Solo Pieces

Six audio hours plus music book pdf file
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

One of the world's great contemporary players explores jazz piano from basic theory to advanced solo pieces. Warren Bernhardt shares his vast musical knowledge to give you a real understanding of the piano and its possibilities. He covers the essential scales, modes, chord voicings, intervals, progressions and everything else you need to add excitement, color and creativity to your playing.

You'll learn to swing and begin to improvise as Warren delves into phrasing, rhythms and harmonic textures. He also shares practice techniques and exercises to help you develop your own style, teaches how to read charts, and gives you tips on writing, arranging and performing.  You'll learn complete arrangements of B-Loose Blues, Rainbows, New Samba, The Music and much more.


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