Learn Three (More) Iconic Songs by Richard Thompson

Zak Hobbs

Dimming of the Day, Heart Needs a Home, I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight.

Two-Hour Video Download includes TAB
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  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Zak Hobbs knows the songs of Richard Thompson as well as anyone. He has been studying the profound and compelling music of his grandfather since he started playing as a young teen. Following his very successful first Homespun lesson, Zak continues his exploration into Thompson’s style with three of RT’s best-loved songs: Dimming of the Day, Heart Needs a Home, and I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight.

Zak meticulously breaks down the elements of these early pieces, all made famous in the 1980s-era recordings by Richard and Linda Thompson. These timeless pieces include a song in dropped D tuning, one in standard, and another in an inspiring G Tuning with a low C sixth string that booms with a powerful resonance.

As Zak takes you through the these three songs, he details the hybrid picking (flatpick and fingers) that Richard uses to such powerful effect, and shares tips on adding ornamental fills, exciting runs, slides, and unique chord voicings that bring each song to life.

This lesson is a must-have for Richard Thompson fans who want to learn to play three more of his classic songs. It will give you insight into his unique style and all the tools you need to make these gorgeous tunes a part of your repertoire.


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