Learn to Fingerpick with Jim Kweskin

Jim Kweskin

A Jug Full of Great Folk and Ragtime Tunes

75 minute video, includes music and tab pdf file
  • Code:DLKWEGT21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

An icon of the folk revival has recorded a unique and highly effective lesson that will get anyone playing in alternate-thumb style. Jim Kweskin's lesson covers a wide range of guitar techniques and a raft of fabulous folk, country, ragtime and early jazz-pop tunes.

Unique on-screen charts and step-by-step instruction help novices learn exactly how the thumb and fingers coordinate to create bass patterns against syncopated melody notes. You'll use these to play traditional fingerpicking repertoire including Creole Belle, Richland Woman, Freight Train, 99 Year Blues and other favorites.

For those who've progressed beyond the basics, Jim's licks, chord shapes, bass lines and ways of getting around the fingerboard will bring your guitar technique into new spheres. Before long you'll have an amazing set list from the Kweskin repertoire: Guabi Guabi, Papa's on the Housetop, Rag Mama, Eight More Miles to Louisville, Buddy Bolden's Blues, Lazy Bones, You Took Advantage of Me, Dinah, Alexander's Ragtime Band and more.

With his irrestible high spirits, great voice and signature guitar sound, Jim Kweskin will delight pickers at all levels.


"I just received my copy of Jim Kweskin's DVD and it's terrific. I've been a fan of his for over 40 years and have always marveled at his great song selection and fingerpicking style. The use of the left hand thumb, the explanation of picking the melody (sometimes outside the chord), and his candor about not necessarily knowing what "chord" he may sometimes be playing explains a lot about his style. You were the right guy to produce this and you captured it great (although maybe 40 years late). I think Jim should be recognized as a national treasure in the world of folk music and your recording of him is, to me, as important as early videos of Mississippi John Hurt, Rev. Gary Davis, Dave Van Ronk and others who may have influenced him. And what's great is that he's not done. He is still teaching himself songs from an earlier era that he wants us to remember. Congratulations to you and Jim - it's a great instructional and entertainment video. I hope we'll see more of him."-- Michael Smith

"This Jim Kweskin lesson is a standout, for me. If you're new to fingerpicking, it starts out easy-peasy, plus it's got some great syncopation exercises. And there's a plethora of songs (that's like, a ton). So you can quickly find a challenge or two!" - Jimmy Jackman


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