Learn to Play the Songs of Dan Fogelberg Video One

Pete Huttlinger

Authentic Guitar Accompaniments for 7 Classic Songs

Two hour video - music and tab pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Dan Fogelberg's iconic songs, soaring vocals and rich guitar arrangements gained him millions of avid fans and secured him a place in the pantheon of American popular music. His acoustic-based songs drew from a variety of sources: rock, folk, bluegrass and the California sounds of the'70s and '80s.

Guitarist Pete Huttlinger was smitten at an early age by Dan's music, and he absorbed the guitar techniques that helped create the unique Fogelberg sound. Pete's detailed break-down of Dan's guitar parts, and his loving recreations of some of his best-known songs, will satisfy learning guitarists at all levels.

Pete teaches you how to play seven classic Dan Fogelberg songs, all taken from his hit album, "Souvenirs:" There's a Place In the World For a Gambler, As the Raven Flies, Morning Sky, Changing Horses, Part of the Plan, Song From Half Mountain and Souvenirs.

You'll learn bluegrass flatpicking and fingerpicking accompaniments; easy rhythmic strumming and intricate solos; a variety of tunings, cool licks and endings that "will make you the envy of all your guitar playing friends."

Customer Review:

"Well, you've managed to do it again. The Dan Fogelberg DVD is awesome! I have many of your instructional DVD's. All are great, and this one is certainly no disappointment either. I really appreciate you taking the time and energy to help folks like me learn songs that would be way out of my league without your teachings.

God Bless you, the folks at Homespun and all the other people behind the scenes that help make this happen." -- Bart, Arizona


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