Learn to Play the Songs of Jim Croce - Video 2

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniment and Techniques

90 minute video, music and tab file on pdf file
  • Code:DLHUTJC22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

This follow-up to one of Homespun's top-selling lessons teaches you how to play seven more hit songs by the legendary singer-songwriter, Jim Croce, whose music continues to resonate nearly four decades after his untimely passing.

Guitarist Pete Huttlinger is faithful to the spirit of the original recordings as he breaks down the strums, picking patterns, chord progressions and other accompaniment techniques that Jim Croce devised to bring out each song's unique qualities. As an added bonus, you'll learn some of the lead intros and distinctive solos as arranged and played by Maury Muelheissen, Jim's long-time lead guitarist and extraordinary "one man band."

The songs are arranged in order of difficulty, although none gets above the intermediate level. Learning players will have a wonderful time adding these classic songs to your repertoire, gaining invaluable guitar skills and building musical knowledge along the way.

Songs: One Less Set of Footsteps, Workin' at the Car Wash Blues, Alabama Rain, Dreamin' Again, A Long Time Ago, Lover's Cross and It Doesn't Have to Be That Way.


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