Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver - Video 3

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Accompaniments and Techniques

85-minute video plus music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLHUTJD24
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

The first two volumes of this series  met with such enthusiasm from guitar playing fans of John Denver that it became clear that we had to continue with a third, and later a fourth, lesson. The late Pete Huttlinger's comprehensive understanding of John Denver's music, and his ability to communicate techniques to learning guitarists, have inspired innumerable players and have made these among Homespun's most successful instructional products.

For this lesson, Pete selected seven of the John Denver guitar arrangements most requested by fans of his previous lessons. He teaches the arpeggiated intro and rich chords of Calypso; the powerful strumming patterns of Spirit and The Eagle and the Hawk; the flatpicking riffs and bass lines to Matthew; the intro and fingerpicking patterns to Dreamland Express and Poems, Prayers and Promises; and the classical-sounding accompaniment to Today.

Throughout the lesson you'll gain many insights into the musical mind of John Denver, as well as the special sounds and compelling voicings that make these guitar arrangements simple to play and yet uniquely beautiful.  


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