Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar - Video 1

Cindy Cashdollar

Lesson One: Learning The Basics

60-minute video, Includes music + tab pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

The eight-string, non-pedal steel guitar* lent its distinctive sound to classic recordings by Bob Wills, Hank Williams and innumerable other country stars. This video gives you all the information you'll need to play this uniquely American instrument and capture the essence of the traditional country & western sound.

Cindy Cashdollar, one of today's top players, starts with the basics of C6 tuning and the proper use of the bar, picks and volume pedal. You'll learn essential techniques, such as bar slams, octave slides, palm and pick blocking and other devices, and you'll move into more advanced territory with chord inversions, back-up licks, harmony lines, scales, chord grips, bar slants, augmented chords and much more.

Practice playing classic country songs right along with Cindy and her back-up band in both slowed down and up-to-speed versions. Before you know it, you'll be soloing like a pro on Cold, Cold Heart, San Antonio Rose and other great tunes.

*These methods can be easily applied to six-string lap steel or Dobro as well.


Leon Bell 1 year, 5 months ago

The best instructor I have seen over the past 50 yrs. Keep up with the way you teach the 8 string steel guitar. Stay safe.

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