Learning Pedal Steel Guitar

Bruce Bouton
90-minute Video
  • Code:DLBOUST21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

Bruce Bouton starts you off on pedal steel the right way! Working in the E9 tuning, he teaches the steel's "natural" chords; proper use of the bar, foot pedals and knee levers; how to play in all keys; and the essential harmony scales that give the distinctive steel sound. Develop greater right-hand speed and flexibility with Bruce's in-depth discussion of picks and hand positioning, "hand blocking," "pick blocking" and other techniques.

Bruce covers classic licks, intros and endings, plus exercises, major to minor changes, chord inversions, string-lowering licks, unison licks, and lots more!

Student Review:

"Your explanations in your video are very easy to understand. I accredit the video to my getting started properly on this instrument. I am very thankful for your careful, well thought-out and sincere instruction. I am now able to pick-apart steel solos on my own and to play with confidence with other people. Currently I am playing with a local Japanese country band to expose more Japanese people to country music and this beautiful instrument. (There are only 3 pedal steel players that I know of within a 450 mile radius.) I just want you to know that the instructions you gave in your video have freed me up on the guitar " -- Christopher Girsch


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