Make Your Own Blues!

Pete Madsen

Building Strong Ideas and Arrangements

  • Code:DLMADGT21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Veteran guitarist Pete Madsen initiates a new approach to teaching acoustic blues guitar. He combines a wide variety of licks, chord shapes, scales, runs and other elements, providing the tools you need to build your own songs and instrumental arrangements.

Using an alternating-thumb fingerpicking style, Pete breaks the standard 12-bar blues format into easy-to-digest four-bar sections, teaching numerous variations that you can “mix and match” to come up with your own blues ideas.

Some highlights of this course include:

  • Detailed explorations of the keys of A, C, and D, with the elements that make each key uniquely different
  • Methodical breakdowns of the standard 12-bar blues format, divided into four-bar sections for easier learning
  • Numerous licks made famous by Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake, and others that you can interject into your own songs.

This video is highly recommended for intermediate-level players who want to create compelling and ear-catching blues instrumentals while learning a whole lot more about the guitar’s fingerboard.

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