Mastering Your Scales - The Complete Course

Adam Traum

Adam Traum’s “Zone” Method of Fretboard Navigation

A six-hour (three two-hour) video course with on-screen color-coded tabs, backup tracks, and TAB PDFs.
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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist, understanding the entire fingerboard and knowing your scales are essential components of becoming a better player. This three-lesson set becomes your roadmap to soloing and improvisation. Adam integrates scale practice with basic theory, moveable chord shapes, and melodic ideas that you can use in your everyday playing. These lessons start at the basics, but quickly progress into more advanced territory so players at all levels will benefit from them.

Color-coded tab for all the scales is embedded on screen, so the notes will be easy to follow regardless of your current level.

 Play-along tracks are provided throughout the lessons to enable you to practice each scale pattern against basic chord changes.

On-screen chord names are included during the play-along segments to make it easier to solo

Audio backing tracks are provided for off-line practicing

Lesson One: Zone 1:

The first “zone” covers scale notes from the nut to the fifth fret. Adam takes you through six of the most useful keys - C, G, A, D, E, and F - methodically breaking down open- and closed-scale shapes, alternate chord voicings, and melodic ideas.

Lesson Two: Zone 2:

Here Adam Traum follows the same formula as in Zone 1, now covering scales from the fifth to the ninth fret. He shows fingerings and alternate voicings. You'll use the same play-along tracks as in the first lesson, giving you a strong rhythm to practice with. 

Lesson Three: Zone 3:

You'll now employ the upper reaches of the fretboard, playing scales on the 9th to 13th fret and connecting runs from the first position on up. Using the major pentatonic scale and movable chord shapes, Adam links all three zones of the neck. 

If learning the fretboard has been a priority but always seemed unattainable, here is a great opportunity to take a comprehensive dive into this easy-to-achieve knowledge.


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