Metronome Power!

Paul Mehling

Improve Speed, Timing and Efficiency on All Instruments

40 minute video
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"Nothing swings like a metronome" - Sonny Rollins

Jazz guitarist, musician and educator Paul Mehling says "A metronome is your best friend," and he proves it on this hands-on, fun to use lesson.

By spending a mere 10 - 15 minutes a day with this mechanical time-keeper, you will improve your practice sessions, gain a better understanding of rhythm, build speed, and develop a stronger sense of time. Above all, you’ll become a better musician, regardless of your chosen instrument.

Paul leads you through a series of basic rhythm exercises and games, clapping to various metronomic beats and then transferring them to an instrument (guitar and mandolin, in his case). He shows you how to sub-divide beats - quarter, 8th, 16th and triplets - using word associations to build confidence and competence in your rhythmic control. Throughout, you’ll be using the metronome as your guide and practice partner. 

Whether you play bluegrass, blues, folk, jazz or classical, the use of the metronome will enhance your musical experience and help bring your playing to new levels.


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