Minor Swing: An Easy Introduction to Gypsy Jazz

Lisa Liu
20-minute single song, includes tab file and backup tracks.
  • Code:DLLIUGT21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

In her first lesson for Homespun, virtuoso guitarist Lisa Liu methodically breaks down the perennial Django Reinhardt favorite, Minor Swing, unlocking the secret to the haunting gypsy jazz sound for players who are new to the genre. 

Utilizing one invaluable, 3-string moveable chord shape, Lisa demonstrates the simple chord progression, discussing how to get the correct percussive sound from your strumming hand. She then follows with basic arpeggios over Am6, Dm6 and E7 that will inspire players to quickly and easily access their “inner Django.” Before long, you’ll be soloing over these basic chords in ways you never dreamed you could.

Beyond the benefit of learning this classic tune, this is a great opportunity for intermediate students to expand your chord knowledge and get your fingers moving in new ways. This lesson will open the door to more adventures in Gypsy jazz and swing guitar playing.

Bonus: Audio backup tracks for practicing your soloing at slow, medium and up-to-speed tempos.

To hear a sample of Lisa's CD, click here.


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