Musical Expression On The Drum Set

Jack DeJohnette
100-minute video with Harvey Sorgen
  • Code:DLJACDM21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Master drummer Jack DeJohnette sees his instrument as a complete musical entity, melodic as well as percussive. His fascinating lesson breaks down his unique approach for drummers of all levels - and anyone else who plays an instrument or simply loves music.

You'll learn how Jack creates a flow of improvisational ideas through balance and relaxation as he communicates his concepts about phrasing, tuning, time-keeping and melody. He provides important "inside" tips on his approach to the cymbals, stick and brush work, bass and hi-hat technique, and other skills essential to his trademark sound. Fellow drummer Harvey Sorgen poses the questions while our cameras give you multiple views of Jack's demonstrations. Throughout this video, Jack conveys his remarkable command of his instrument and his interest in cross-pollination of musical styles.

This powerful and inspiring lesson culminates in a spectacular display of seamlessly interwoven grooves: reggae, funk, rock and Latin! You'll never hear music the same way again after studying with this true master.


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