Peggy Seeger Teaches Guitar Accompaniment

Peggy Seeger

Guitar Accompaniment for Folk Songs, Ballads and Originals

Two Hour video, includes music and tab on pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Peggy Seeger’s unique and compelling guitar accompaniments have become a trademark sound during her successful and highly influential career.  This fascinating two-hour lesson draws on Peggy’s vast repertoire of traditional and original songs and her impeccable ear for just the right nuance to create and embellish an arrangement. 

Peggy addresses a variety of accompaniment styles: Carter Family strumming, Spanish or “classical” style, drone-bass and “automatic thumb” fingerpicking, alternate tunings, the “lullaby strum” and other techniques that will dress up your songs. You’ll also get the benefits of Peggy’s long professional experience with playing tips, historical insights and wonderful stories about her life in music. 

You’ll learn to play traditional British songs and ballads (Newlyn Town, Johnson Jinkson, Hangman, The Mermaid, Swallow and Trout); Appalachian songs (Whistle Daughter Whistle, Butcher’s Boy, When I Was Single, Wagoner’s Lad); and contemporary songs written by Peggy and her late husband, Ewan MacColl (Gonna Be An Engineer, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Bring Me Home, The Ballad of Springhill). 

Customer Reviews:

"Just received my copy of the Peggy Seeger DVD, which I must say is fantastic. It's brilliant to have such a huge range of traditional folk songs, both British and American, as well as Peggy's insight into the songs and the guitar accompaniment." - Andrew via the Homespun Forum

"Beautifully produced and such a good project for you to take on. Magic! The Guitar Accompaniment DVD is an absolute gem and there was no way I could resist telling you so. I just hope that the resource is widely discovered. Its power is that it offers both 'the components' and 'the whole' (beautiful songs) as well as a compelling narrative between interviewer and interviewee. It is rare to have an interviewer with such good knowledge of an artist's craft, as well as the biographical details of her life. Haven't had my attention held for two hours (no dips at all!) for a long time, which is also down to quality of editing and production. Just couldn't fault it. Make sure it sells!" - Ted


Jon Spragg 4 years, 9 months ago

Happy, Peggy, thank you for this. It was a joy to listen to you play and reminisce.

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Dan Lubetsky 3 years, 4 months ago

I just wish it had included Young Collins from an album of hers I have

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