Play Klezmer Fiddle!

Lisa Gutkin

Learn the Melodies, Techniques and Styles of a Great Tradition

1 hour and 50 Minute video, includes music on pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

With Pete Rushefsky, tsimbl (hammer dulcimer)

Klezmer, the celebratory dance music of Eastern European Jews, has been gaining in popularity in recent years, partly through the work of the musical super-group, the Klezmatics. Lisa Gutkin, their virtuosic fiddler, has made a lesson that’s perfect for anyone who wants to delve into this compelling musical tradition. 

With Pete Rushefsky’s expert accompaniment, Lisa details the scales, rhythms, grace notes, trills, ornaments, fill-ins, slides and other techniques that provide the “palette” of sounds you’ll need to play authentic-sounding klezmer tunes. She adds fascinating information about interpretation, improvisation and the history of the music. Fiddlers of all genres will benefit from her exercises and warm-ups, and her advice on posture, balance, bowing and fingering is invaluable.

The pieces/dance forms she teaches include freylekhs, a festive “walking” song; bulgar, a syncopated tune with Bessarabian roots; hora, a triple-meter circle dance; and the slower, more melodic khosidl

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced klezmer musician - or a bluegrass, Celtic or classical violinist who wants to branch out into a different style - this lesson will add new sounds, techniques and flavors to your music.

Customer Reviews:

"Your Klezmer Fiddle may be the best yet. She TEACHES, not just shows off, and still somehow manages to cover some very sophisticated techniques. Wonderful set!" - Ross Cherednik

"This is a great video. It conveys a deep understanding of klezmer, and does a good job teaching things that are very hard to teach, like improvised variation, tactful slides, etc. Lisa's personality comes through clearly and pleasantly, her playing is beautiful and learnable at the same time, the stylistic pointers are helpful for beginner and advanced student alike, and the tunes sit very nicely on the fiddle and cover a range of klezmer feels.  I am going to go back and learn some of these tunes with her slides and krechtzen -- as I soak it up, I think I'll be adding some depth to my playing." - Jonathan Cannon, former member of Yarmulkazi, the Brown University klezmer band, and currently violinist with the Boston based Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer band.


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