Put Your Hands on the Piano and Play!

Daniel Abrams

A Beginner's Guide to Piano and Musicianship!

Skill Level 1

Six audio hours plus music pdf file
  • Code:CDLABRHA99

Even if you've never touched a keyboard, you'll be playing piano before the first hour of this wonderful course is over. By the end of these six lessons you'll have started playing in classical, blues and pop styles, and will have learned the basics of note reading, rhythmic training, phrasing, dynamics and the ear training necessary to start improvising.

Daniel Abrams, a classically trained concert pianist, teacher and composer, has created this comprehensive beginners method so that anyone, regardless of musical background, can learn to play. His enthusiasm and love of music are contagious, and you'll find these lessons accessible, fun and easy to use. Each hour contains exercises, musical examples and original pieces that have been composed especially for this course.


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