Radim Zenkl's Mandolin Primer

Radim Zenkl

A Learning Player's Guide to Essential Skills and Techniques

110-Minute video plus music and tab on a pdf file Skill Level - ALL
  • Code:DLRADMN21

Mandolin virtuoso Radim Zenkl strongly believes that before you can play well you must have a complete understanding of your instrument and know the basic techniques needed to get the most music out of it. On this primer (for players at all levels), he breaks down the mandolin fundamentals that even accomplished musicians must know. 

The lesson starts with the essentials: tuning, proper playing positions, mandolin set-up, warm-ups and pick technique (playing from the wrist, forearm, forearm rotation and fingers). In due course, Radim digs into tone production, tremolo, speed development, muting, pizzicato, strumming, cross picking and how to practice. He also gives detailed insights into developing coordination with your  picking and fretting hands, using examples from standard songs like My Grandfather’s Clock and Whiskey Before Breakfast. 

This valuable learning tool should be on every mandolinist’s collection. An added benefit of this comprehensive lesson is that all the techniques can be applied to guitar and other picked and fretted instruments.

Note: The techniques in this lesson are also applicable to guitar and other plucked string instruments


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