*Relax Your Mind

Happy Traum
Audio CD with tab booklet for downloading or printing.
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I am very pleased to announce the reissue of my first solo album, recorded in 1975 for Kicking Mule Records. It originally came with a tab booklet, which is now included as a file right on the disk. Here's an excerpt from my original notes to the album, revised slightly to reflect the new edition:

"The songs on this album have all been favorites of mine for many years - some for as long as I have been playing guitar. Each one says something that touches me, or tells a story that I enjoy retelling. I have arranged them all in the fingerpicking style, for a unity of feeling and for the sake of those, who want to learn to pick. Most are, not terribly difficult, and if you play a little guitar you should be able to master them with the help of the PDF tab booklet that is on the CD. Hopefully, playing these instrumentals will give you ideas for songs that are special to you, and you will use them in your own arrangements"--Happy Traum

Songs: Relax Your Mind, Gypsy Davey, Worried Blues, John Henry, Peggy Gordon, When First Unto This Country, Poor Howard, Fair and Tender Ladies, Boat's Up the River, Willie Moore, Weave Room Blues.


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