Rhythm In Your Riffs

Bob Brozman

Strums, Patterns, and Grooves for Acoustic Guitar

70-minute Video, includes tab pdf file
  • Code:DLBOBRR21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Bob Brozman's fascinating lesson will help acoustic guitarists of any style and genre look at the guitar in a whole new way. Bob explores the many aspects of rhythm guitar and what makes a good "groove." He helps you develop your coordination through a variety of drills, leading you in hand- and foot-tapping exercises so that accents, swing rhythm, polyrhythms, triplets in blues playing and other meters become second nature.

Moving the exercises to the guitar, Bob shows how to incorporate these techniques into songs using strumming patterns, string slapping, fret tapping, hammering, damping, and other devices that will put emphasis and movement into your music. Fingerstyle players will be especially intrigued by the ways that Bob works these subtleties into his blues and ragtime picking. Among other things, you'll learn how to incorporate blues, Caribbean, New Orleans, calypso and other rhythms into your picking and strumming style.

The ability to change and improve your instrumental arrangements through rhythmic variations is at the heart of this lesson. This is aptly demonstrated by the fact that Bob has improvised all of the music on this DVD, proving the power and spontaneity of good rhythmic guitar playing.


"In my life as a guitarist, I have found that rhythm and feeling is what captures the hearts of audiences, far more than all the scales in the world. Rhythm and intention of attack give life to guitar music. The best riffs and solos still tell a story, even if you remove the pitches and just hear the rhythm of the phrases. Paying attention to rhythm has, through increased muscle awareness, enabled me to continue my progress as a musician and take on more difficult musical challenges. It is a pleasure to share these ideas with you. Use them to make your own music more dynamic while learning to stay 'in the pocket' of the groove."

Student Review:

"I just received your Rhythm in Your Riffs video from Homespun Tapes - Wow! I had no idea anyone could get that kind of sound out of a guitar. Your opening performance stopped my 11 year old daughter in her tracks and she joined me in the clapping exercises." -- John Gerlach


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