Rhythm Tune-Up

John McGann
50 Minute DVD, includes on-screen diagrams
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Playing with good time is fundamental to making good music, yet this critical aspect of musicianship is often ignored. John McGann shows you how to understand the basics of rhythm, use the metronome to perfect your skills, and put it all together to play with great time and feel at any tempo.

This lesson covers:

• Metronome Basics
• Playing on beats 1 & 3 vs. 2 & 4
• 8th notes: Straight vs. Swing
• Shuffle (12/8 Time)
• 3/4 Time: Waltz and Jazz Waltz
• Celtic Music: Jig Rhythms
• Funk: 16 Note Rhythms
• Practicing Rhythm to Melody Transitions
• Playing on, Ahead of, or Behind the Beat
• Subdividing the Beat
• Metronome Practice Tips


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