Richard Thompson Teaches Traditional Guitar Instrumentals - Book/Audio

Richard Thompson
Skill Level 3

24-Page Book + On-line Access to Audio Instruction via Playback+
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In this terrific instructional package, Richard Thompson, one of the most brilliant and innovative guitarists of our time, teaches the intricacies of his unique guitar style through the analysis and breakdown of traditional English, Scottish and Irish instrumentals. You’ll learn to play his arrangements of eight superb dance tunes, chosen from his vast repertoire and covering a variety of rhythmic and tonal styles.

The techniques and pieces that Richard teaches will enhance your fingerpicking and flatpicking while providing you with new ideas and approaches to traditional and contemporary music. Richard’s unusual tunings, right-hand rhythms and stylistic innovations will help you get the maximum musical expression from your instrument as you build your repertoire of solo arrangements.

The tunes taught on this lesson are: “Banish Misfortune,” “McCloud’s Reel,” “Maggie Cameron,” “Dargai,” “The Poppy Leaf Hornpipe,” “Rakish Paddy,” “Jenny Lind Polka,” and “Strathspey.” Each piece is broken down, variations are developed and the guitar techniques explained in detail. You won’t find a better or more challenging lesson in this style of guitar playing anywhere!

* Edited version of Tapes 1 and 2 of the three-cassette series, "The Guitar Of Richard Thompson."


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