Sitting On Top of the World

Toby Walker

A Country Blues Tune in Dropped D

11 Minutes • No TAB
  • Code:DLWKRSI21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

“Sitting On Top of the World” has been played and sung many ways through the years, from its earliest string band rendition by the Mississippi Sheiks to versions by artists as diverse as Doc Watson, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins and innumerable others. There’s even a version by the heavy rock band Cream! This one, played and sung by Toby Walker in dropped D tuning and with a shuffle rhythm, adds yet another new dimension to the tune.

Toby’s bluesy, bass-driven arrangement combines some funky chord moves, ear-catching licks and even a section on improvising, all while maintaining his steady-thumb bass playing in shuffle time. You’ll learn some cool tricks and will have a lot of fun playing this old standard. It’s a great one for jamming, too.


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