Steve Kaufman Teaches Crowd Pleasers and Show Stoppers

Steve Kaufman

Steve's Favorite Flatpicking Instrumentals

110 minute video, Music and Tab pdf file
  • Code:DLKAUSS21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

ATTENTION INTERMEDIATE FLATPICKERS! If you want to learn exciting, challenging and technique-enhancing guitar solos, this lesson is for you! Steve Kaufman haschosen ten of his favorite show pieces, each one packed with a powerful arrayof ideas, instrumental skills and advice. These are, above all, great tunes to play at jam sessions, in performance or just in your practice room.

With years of teaching experience under his belt, Steve knows how to build your motor skills and muscle memory to enable you to play cleaner, faster and with more musicality.

Each one of the pieces on this lesson incorporates special techniques that will bring your flatpicking to a whole new level: crosspicking rolls and patterns, licks, bass lines, arpeggios, double stops and a whole lot more!

The show-stopping tunes you'll learn include bluegrass classics, Celtic session tunes, folk and pop standards and a gorgeous waltz: Interstate Rag, First Century Reel, Maid Behind the Bar, Sligo Girl, The Rising Sun, Beaumont Rag, Black Mountain Rag, Festival Waltz, Calgary Polka, Last Thing on My Mind and Calgary Polka.


"Kaufman divides the DVD into sections of teaching each tune and a performance so you can get an idea of the up-to-tempo playing. His style is clean, communicative, and interesting, and his teaching style is personable and relaxed. If you want some challenging tunes to tackle over the winter, or just want to study how a master flatpicker handles various styles, this is a great DVD to have.

"Homespun DVDs are always well recorded with superb sound, lighting, and dual camera angles for right and left hands, and this includes a 27-page PDF booklet of tab for all the songs on the DVD. Recommended." -- Bluegrass Unlimited


James Learmonth 2 years, 8 months ago

Why is this item not marked as $10? It actually costs $24.95.

Pure fraud?

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Happy Traum 2 years, 8 months ago

James: Did you put the discount code FLASH into the box when checking out? That would have reduced the price to $10, as advertised.

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