Swing Guitar - Three audio hour course

Marcy Marxer

A Guide to Chords, Rhythm and Repertoire

Three audio hours plus chords on pdf file
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

It's now easier than ever to learn the chord positions, progressions, substitutions and rhythms for playing western swing, jazz classics and back-ups for Texas-style fiddle tunes.

Marcy's practical, hands-on approach will teach you to play hot rhythm to any swing tune you hear, even if you don't read music. She takes you step-by-step through the most common turnarounds and chord progressions so you can master recognizable musical phrases in every key. Although this course starts at a fairly basic level, the progressions increase in difficulty so that after working through the three lessons you'll be able to apply her teachings to most popular favorites, including "Hey Good Lookin'," "Deep Water," "Miss Molly," "Roly Poly," "Old Fashioned Love," "Honeysuckle Rose," "12-Bar Blues" and "Rhythm Changes."

Marcy Marxer is an exceptional guitarist, teacher, performer, producer and session musician. She has performed and recorded with Cathy Fink since 1982, a format that features her acoustic and electric guitar work as well as her skills on a variety of other instruments. Marcy also played lead guitar and mandolin on "Blue Rose" (Sugar Hill Records); on several recordings with country legend Patsy Montana; and has appeared on more than 30 other albums.

Student Review:

"A few years ago I ordered your Western Swing three CD set and have not been the same since. With just the guitar chords and your voice, I was able to pick out the sound that had been evading me in the mix of all instruments. I still listen to Asleep at the Wheel and Bob Wills, but you are the one who took me there. Thank you so much!" - Jesse in Austin


Shane Harger 3 years ago

Of all the lessons I have purchased from Homespun over the years, this is probably the first one I have worked through in its entirety.
This is likely due to Marcy's fun, approachable teaching style, but also because of the logical and progressive way in which the lesson is presented. Marcy begins with the most basic chords and chord progressions and some tunes that use them. Then goes on to some more difficult concepts which build on the basics and tunes presented before. This is probably the most well-organized, and well-presented lesson (system, actually) I have seen for learning ANY style of music. Thank you, Marcy and thank you Homespun!
P.S. The only thing I would suggest to make this lesson a tad more approachable is to present Major7 chords as an option to use as a direct substitute for 6 chords as the 1 chord in any of the given progressions, because it is much easier to move from Major7 to the diminished chords (which is done in almost every tune in the lesson), having to move only 2 fingers, in both the 6th root and 5th root chord forms. Once I learned this, it made all the difference for me in being able to start and complete this lesson.

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Charlie Sohmer 2 years, 10 months ago

This is the best instructional CD or DVD I have ever bought. Marcy's teaching was great - she has opened up doors that had seemed impossible to figure out. Her lessons are logical and the material presented is not at all intimidating.I am now working on her Guitar Soloing 101 DVD and it's good too, but I kind of wish she'd record a new instructional CD or DVD on more advanced Texas Swing guitar.

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