Take A Solo!

Toby Walker

The Secrets to Blues and Country Guitar Improvisation

95 Minute DVD, includes music and tab + BONUS Audio Backup Tracks
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

A blues or country guitarist creates a great solo, spinning single-string notes seemingly out of nowhere, thrilling the audience and getting nods of approval from fellow musicians. How does this happen? How do you even start figuring out which notes to play in the midst of a song or jam session? 

Toby Walker has the perfect key to unlocking those mysteries. He shows you how to come up with powerful and compelling improvisations in any key and in any position on the fretboard, using a flat pick or fingers. Concentrating mainly on blues soloing, he eliminates robotic scales and patterns and shows you the “language” of a musical conversation.

You’ll learn how to think in shapes, or “boxes,” finding the root note and then adding the right intervals to come up with licks and solos. Once you start moving from one shape to the next, your playing will flow up and down the fretboard with ease. Then add in the “wasabi” - vibrato, bends, B. B. King-style licks, Lightnin’ Hopkins shuffle beats, and other techniques - and you’ll add really hot spice to your playing.

Once you’ve got the blues ideas under your fingertips, you’ll discover that you can move the same licks to country songs, like Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad. You’ll be stepping into the spotlight in no time!
Customer Reviews
"Enlightening from the first minute into the lesson. You have a great talent for explaining a complex topic, for me anyway, in a very approachable way. Love the Q&A analogy - a real epiphany for me. I already play solos a bit, but I can already tell that this video is going to take me to another level." - Steve C.
"Got my DVD in the mail today. Good thing too because I was tired of sitting at the window for hours every day watching for it to be delivered. I honestly have to say it the best produced instructional video I've purchased in years. I only got a third of the way through it before the tv was reclaimed by the rest of my family. In that time though I was very close to nailing things on my new 12 fret dread that have eluded me all my life. Toby is an awesome communicator and is very adept at conveying a true "you can do it" attitude to viewers. I haven't felt this empowered about playing a guitar since Donny the Hood (old term for juvenile delinquent) taught me the boogie woogie riffs when I was about 8 years old. 53 years is a long time to wait in between revelations in playing a guitar. I still have some of Happy Traum's courses on cassette tapes with hand written tablature... from back in the dark ages. Guitar instruction has come a long way and I think Toby's effort here are one of the best and most enlightening." - Dave. 

"Nothing on there was new material per se (to me). I've seen the scale shapes, I've seen the caged system, I know chord progressions... but what was invaluable was seeing how to integrate and flow from one lick to another through those scales and boxes... I also really liked the part about how to call/respond with a single instrument... how and when to add additional notes to the progression. I have just a bit more to go, but I have really enjoyed the DVD and playing along (as best I can). I need to go back and internalize the licks (they are nicer than what I make up) but when noodling around and making up my own stuff, it sounds less like aimless wandering to elevator music, and more like something is happening! There is tension, excitement, resolution, and best of all... it's fun. I don't know how/why it worked out this way, but that DVD met me exactly where I am and pointed me forward." - From Acoustic Guitar Forum


Bernard 3 years, 2 months ago

I am happy with this course. I really understand how to build my solo. It's super well explained.
What a pleasure

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