The Banjo Techniques of Jens Kruger

Jens Kruger

Developing Skills, Creativity and Musicianship

One hour, 50 minute video, includes tab on pdf file. With Uwe Kruger, guitar and Joel Landsberg, bass.
  • Code:DLKRUBJ21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Join Jens Kruger for an exciting journey into the art of the five-string banjo. This outstanding lesson by a true virtuoso contains a wealth of ideas for players at all levels, and will help you expand your musical knowledge, build your technique and make your playing "stand out in a crowd".

Jens provides a detailed roadmap to his highly original playing and composing, passing on concepts, exercises and gorgeous original tunes to help you bring your banjo playing to new heights. He gives you the tools to get a better sound, sustain the notes longer, play with greater tone, increase your picking speed and incorporate dynamics and tempo changes to utilize the full range of your instrument.

Using his original pieces, Wind in the Wheat, Shower, Waterfall, Sarah and Mystical, as well as the traditional tune Danny Boy, he incorporates triplets, chimes, vibrato, scales, arpeggios, and other techniques that will help you to play with musicality and grace.

The Kruger Brothers band joins in with tasteful backup, allowing you to practice your newfound skills and play along with this beautiful music.


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