The Blues Guitar Styles of Memphis Minnie

Del Rey

Unlocking Dazzling Songs, Licks and Solos of a Master Musician

90-minute DVD, includes music and tab pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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Memphis Minnie was one of the greatest fingerpicking guitarists of the Twentieth Century, part of the backbone of African American blues history. Del Rey knows her songs and styles better than anyone, and she brings them to vibrant life on this thoroughly entertaining, enlightening and exciting DVD lesson.

Del provides a “master vocabulary” of powerful fingerpicking licks, in a variety of keys, that will work with any traditional blues or ragtime songs you want to play. You’ll learn “dead thumb,” alternating bass and “double-thumbing” styles; swing rhythms; strums; ragtime progressions; single-string solos and lots more.

It’s Memphis Minnie’s insightful songs that make this material so much fun to learn and play: Drunken Barrelhouse Blues; You Can't Rule Me; Caught Me Wrong Again; I Don't Want That Junk Out Of You; Soo Cow Soo; Ain't No Use to Tell On Me, Chickasaw Train and more. Del offers up a dazzling performance of When the Levee Breaks, a song recorded by Led Zeppelin and others. Each one has its own special guitar twist that makes it ear-catching, colorful and challenging. Learning them will bring your skills up several notches and will provide you with hours of great practice.


Ken LaForest 1 year, 9 months ago

I started playing music again, after a long "hiatus", and was looking for something new to kick-start my "guitaring". I definitely found it. Del Rey's excellent playing,singing,and teaching shine on this DVD. Her humor and story-telling makes it even better. Thank you. ♪

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Rob Ercoli 1 year, 8 months ago

I just took this course with Del at Ashokan Guitar Camp. She is truly an amazing talent as both a performer and teacher. I definitely took some tricks home that will stick with me for life! Amazing history of the blues too.

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Cynthia Perkins 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Just what I was looking for-

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