The Guitar of Robert Johnson - DVD 2

Rory Block

DVD Two - Exploring the Repertoire

One Hour 45 minutes DVD, Includes music and tab on pdf file to view or print.
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  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)
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Rory Block's life-long mission has been to fully understand Robert Johnson's incredible songs and guitar techniques. This is the second groundbreaking installment of her journey into the great blues artist's legacy, and she provides complete note-by-note, lick-by-lick instruction for three of his most powerful songs.

Each one of these classic Robert Johnson songs represents a different stylistic aspect of his playing. Cross Road Blues exemplifies the myriad techniques that Johnson put into his songs in open G tuning; Ramblin' On My Mind utilizes an obscure altered tuning; Hellhound On My Trail is a haunting non-slide blues in open D. Rory takes each song apart, putting a microscope on the intros, chord positions, slide moves, picking, strumming and other blues guitar skills you'll need to play them yourself.

Rory's passion for this music, along with her remarkable performing talent, makes her the perfect teacher for these blues guitar techniques. If you can master each of these songs you'll have the key to the rest of the amazing Robert Johnson repertoire.


“... impeccable, almost unbelievable... She has completely nailed Johnson's technique.” --All Music Guide


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