"The Little Drummer Boy"

Happy Traum

A Fingerpicking Version in Dropped D

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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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The Little Drummer Boy is a perennial classic that can be heard in elevators, shopping malls and just about everywhere else during the Christmas season. This version is a little different from the standard fare, though. Happy adds a groove and turns it into a funky fingerpicking showpiece, utilizing a droning but rhythmic thumb-bass against the hypnotic, syncopated melody. 

This 30-minute lesson, in dropped D tuning, is for beginning fingerpickers and more experienced players alike. It starts simply, with a steady bass and the melody picked on the D and G strings; then it progresses to middle and higher octaves, adding increasing excitement and cool licks. Learn this and you’ll be a hit at holiday parties and jam sessions, and will learn a whole lot of new guitar moves.


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