Tony's Choice CD and Book

Tony Rice
Skill Level 4

One CD, includes music and tablature book

On this digitally-enhanced CD, Tony Rice personally teaches intros, licks and complete solos to some of his favorite songs. Taken mainly from his hit albums "Cold On The Shoulder" and "Church Street Blues," these examples will give you a real taste of Tony's amazing guitar style as he interprets songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Norman Blake, Ian Tyson and other top songwriters. He provides invaluable tips that are sure to help you build your repertoire of licks, improve your flatpicking technique and expand your overall musicianship.

Tony teaches his inventive kickoffs to "The Likes of Me," "Fare Thee Well," "Ten Degrees and Getting Colder" and "The Soul of Man." He then breaks down, in detail, his complete solos to "Annie, Orphan Annie," "Wayfaring Stranger," "Blue Ridge Mountain Home" and the challenging finger-twister "Fishscale." His guitar work on these songs combine his distinctive bluegrass picking with a pop-folk approach that make up on of the many high points in his long and successful musical career.


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