Vocal Style and Performance

Maria Muldaur
90-minute video, Includes practice tracks file
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On this intimate session, the veteran pop/jazz/blues singer Maria Muldaur reveals many of the important secrets that have helped her to become one of the top entertainers in the country. She shares lessons she has learned from years of experience, providing invaluable advice and helpful hints for anyone who wants to get up on stage and sing.

You'll learn:

  • Vocal warm-ups and exercises
  • How to relax
  • What to eat before a show
  • Developing your vocal style
  • Relating to your audience
  • Stage presence and confidence
  • Importance of sound checks
  • Putting a song across
  • And much more!

BONUS! MARIA'S WARM-UP VOCAL EXERCISES! This audio track of Maria's vocal warm-up regimen is a fundamental part of her lesson. She follows this routine before every performance. Use it each day and you'll strengthen your voice and begin to reach notes you thought were forever out of your range.


"The Homespun folks bring you nothing but the best teachers for those of you who will add a drop of your own talent. If you already sing a bit and yearn to perform somewhere this is a great tape. Maria will show you how to treat your audience, your body and your mind." -- Rainbo Electronic Reviews


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