You Can Play the Uke! - DVD 2

Kate Power and Steve Einhorn

Learn, Play and Sing Along with the Ukalaliens

80-minute DVD, includes music and tab booklet
  • Code:DLUKAUK22
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

There’s a reason ukulele has become one of the world’s most popular instruments. It’s small, compact and easy to play, even for those who are brand new to music-making.

You’ve learned the basics of this wonderful little instrument on DVD 1. Now it’s time to really start playing it! Kate and Steve (the Ukalaliens) show you new chords and how to play in different keys, along with the techniques to make it all more interesting: strumming, fingerpicking, hammer-ons, damping, harmonized scales and other easy but effective techniques.

You’ll learn to play eight songs in a variety of keys that will open the door to hundreds - perhaps thousands - of other popular traditional songs. Kate and Steve keep it all fun and easy, making this the perfect lesson for near-beginners and anyone else who wants to make music on the ukulele.

Songs: Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Guabi Guabi, These Are My Mountains, Careless Love, Crawdad Song, Under the Moon, Redwood, Shady Grove.


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