Livingston Taylor's Hit Guitar Styles

Livingston Taylor

Arranging Pop Songs for Acoustic Guitar

One of the most popular acoustic performers in pop music today shows how to build chord progressions, use harmonics and dynamics, write, sing and perform like a professional. You''ll learn the fingerstyle guitar parts to his beautifully crafted pop/jazz/blues tunes, including:Strollin', Lost In The Love Of You, If I Were You, Carolina Day, One Of The ... Read More

McGuinn/Taylor/Rush 3-Video Value Pack

Roger McGuinn, Livingston Taylor, Tom Rush

Learn From Three of Our Greatest Singer/Songwriter/Guitarists and Save!

Tom Rush has always had an uncanny knack for finding - and writing -wonderful songs, many of which have continued to be played and re-interpreted by new generations of musicians. Play along with him as he personally teaches you ten of the memorable songs and guitar arrangements that have long made him one of America's most beloved performers. You'll ... Read More

"Ripple" - A Grateful Dead Classic

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

A Single-Song Download-only Lesson

Here's one of the Grateful Dead's most beloved songs, arranged with great accuracy by an acknowledged expert on their music. It should be easy enough for even novice players to master, while more experienced guitarists will find lots in this simple song to embellish on. Playing with a flatpick, Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers takes it slow and easy with ... Read More

Rock Piano Classics

Billy Hinsche

Learn Nine Hit Songs of the Beach Boys!

Play the piano and sing along with some of the greatest pop songs of all time!  After more than twenty years of touring as keyboardist for the Beach Boys, the late Billy Hinsche learned the ins and outs of their music as well as anyone. On this fascinating lesson, he teaches the ingenious chord structures, ear-catching melodies and ground ... Read More

The Guitar of David Wilcox

David Wilcox

Secrets of Open Tunings and Song Accompaniment

One of the most popular and evocative performers on the scene today helps you unlock your creativity and develop rich, ringing guitar voicings in a variety of open tunings. Working primarily in open C, G, D and DADGAD, and utilizing both pick and finger style, David Wilcox reveals the techniques that shape his distinctive guitar sound. His unusual practice of ... Read More

The Guitar of Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin

Creating Powerful Arrangements

Patty Larkin is widely known for her compelling, emotionally charged songs and powerful guitar technique. On this lesson, she explores her guitar style in precise detail, demonstrating her unique tunings, fingerpicking style, rhythms, chord ideas and just a touch of slide guitar. She teaches you how to play some of her most popular songs, including Tango, Booth of Glass, Dear ... Read More

The Guitar of Paul Brady

Paul Brady

Playing Traditional and Contemporary Irish Songs

Paul Brady has chosen ten of his most popular songs- four traditional and six original- and teaches the elements that make his powerful guitar arrangements unique. He demonstrates his various tunings, chord voicings, chord shapes and the driving rhythms he achieves with his flatpick-and-fingers approach. In addition, Paul discusses important aspects of his background, history, influences, and the vocal technique ... Read More

The Guitar of Rory Block: Originals


Arrangements to Rory's Most Requested Songs

Rory Block's compelling and powerful original songs, as much as her renowned blues guitar technique, have gained her a large and enthusiastic international following. In this special one-on-one session, recently released from the Homespun archives, she teaches some of her most requested numbers along with her distinctive and challenging guitar arrangements. Her opening song, the evocative Silver Wings (using what Rory calles ... Read More

The Peter Rowan Songbook

Peter Rowan
Peter Rowan has been one of the most influential singers and songwriters in contemporary bluegrass for over four decades. A musical experimenter, he has blurred the boundaries between old-time country, folk, reggae, blues and rock styles, and has even received some notoriety recently on the jam band circuit. Peter has played with everyone from Bill Monroe to Jerry Garcia, and ... Read More

The Songs and Guitar of Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Colin Gilmore

Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Colin Gilmore

Family Style Music

Jimmie Dale Gilmore is an American music icon. His expressive tenor voice, with its distinctive Texas twang and deep folk and country influences, has captivated audiences for decades. Colin Gilmore’s style has clearly been shaped by his father’s music, but he builds on the traditions he was surrounded with growing up in the Austin, Texas, music scene. The two playing ... Read More

"Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

A Single Song Lesson

Learn to play the Grateful Dead's iconic song Truckin' for solo acoustic guitar and vocal. Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers is steeped in the music and lore of the Dead, and he distill's the band's version into something you can play on your own. The song features a great groove, repeating bass riff and powerhouse chord changes. This is ... Read More
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