Singing with the Fiddle

Bruce Molsky

Accompanying Old Time Songs and Ballads

The violin can be used to accompany old time country songs with startlingly beautiful results, and no one does this better than Bruce Molsky. On this lesson, he shows you how you can achieve distinctively rich and compelling harmonies in a musical interaction between your fiddle and your voice. Bruce covers all the basics, starting with simple exercises to develop ... Read More

Vocal Harmony Workshop

Nashville Bluegrass Band

Singing Bluegrass & Gospel Songs

The Nashville Bluegrass Band has astonished audiences with their powerful vocals and precision musicianship since 1984. Here they break down and analyze their renowned harmony singing techniques for all aspiring group vocalists. The NBB guides singers through their arrangements, from basic duets to stirring three-, four- and five-part harmonies, for these old-time country, bluegrass and gospel songs: My Native Home ... Read More

Vocal Style and Performance

Maria Muldaur
On this intimate session, the veteran pop/jazz/blues singer Maria Muldaur reveals many of the important secrets that have helped her to become one of the top entertainers in the country. She shares lessons she has learned from years of experience, providing invaluable advice and helpful hints for anyone who wants to get up on stage and sing. You ... Read More

Vocal Techniques for Old-Time Mountain Music

Cary Fridley
Cary Fridley, the popular singer in the old-time string band The Freight Hoppers, has done extensive research into old-time vocal styles, and has studied the singing of Sara and Maybelle Carter, Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard, Dellie Norton, Dolly Greer and other singers of Appalachian Mountain ballads. She has put together a lesson that covers basics of vocal production: proper breathing ... Read More

You Can Sing!

Penny Nichols
Many of us, for one reason or another, think we can't sing, or have trouble singing in tune.  This lesson is an encouraging and enjoyable lesson that will turn "listeners" into singers. The late Penny Nichols was a professional singer, recording artist, and educator. On this interactive video lesson, she and Amy Fradon, another vocal coach, help you ... Read More
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